Saturday, July 21, 2012


I don’t wanna get hurt,
so I choose to keep myself silence 
just watching you from far,
to see how happily you live your life.

Of course it so much pain,
But times will go fast,
Someday I know I will recover
 I don’t know how long it takes,
 to forget you,
how would deep the pain would be
to forget you,
but at least,
I know,
you are happy now.

I never in my life,
liking someone so much
like you,
and when I think of the past,
I wish I could go back
to those times
which I have so much chances
to tell you
how much I like you.
I regret
for letting time goes by,
but I will never ever regret
of knowing you.
I know
you will never care of these,
a piece of my feeling,
you might never read of these,
but at least,
I know
I already let go
This piece of feelings
liking a person of you.
I wanna forget you,
But how did I like you?
when did I start liking you?
and why I did choose to like you?
I don’t know
why should a person have a reason to like someone,
do I need a reason to like you?
and if you ask me,
I don’t know.
I really don’t know.
It just happen to be
me of liking you.
I should stop this.
I should believe,
my heart deserve for someone
and your heart deserve for someone too
which may not be me
which may not be you.

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