Friday, July 29, 2011

lelaki yang loser

Since the last day I wrote here, I came back with a hot story. It is based on true stories. Sorry if there is many grammar error. I was in learning process. Hehe, gempak kan tajuk dia? Jom baca cerita nya plak, gempak tak gempak. But, i was trying use english. Can i? Thanks guys, thanks buat sesiapa yang menjengah blog saya ni. Dah lamaaa sangat tak update :( sorrryyyyy. Minta ampun maaf yaa?

Who has ever fallen in love? I do! (^_^)/ Once. But it's not end with a happy story. So read it with a sad song. (Lebih afdal dengar lagu part of the list, pehh pehh) 

Guys, it’s not easy to be loved by someone or love someone. I know, you guys had a really hard time to know this girl. When you have them, are you taking a good care of her? Are you know about her? What she like, what she doesn’t and importantly, how is she?

Guys, see that? You don’t even know her. If you are taking a good care of her, why you left her? If you take a good care of her, she will be happier girl and no heartache for sure. But, what you did is break her heart and leave her. Well done guys. It is a glorious thing.

You break her up then after a quiet time, you had another one. It’s ‘you break her, and then you get another’. Well done again. It is magnificent (I just learn this word and use it ^_^).

Guys, you see what you did? You are the one who break her, and you are the one who get another girl for replace her. Superb Casanova! What the? 

The conclusion is, you leave her because of another girl? Awat tak cakap awai awai? You just making her hate you the most. It can be seen the purpose of you left her, you break her heart. Pity that girl huh?

Now, she knows why you act like that in last 3 month. It’s such a jerk things. Very jerk and suck and f**k. Just say it whenever you want to leave her but with the truth. Not the lie. Siapa suka orang menipu? And the most cruel things was you left her after 4 days of her birthday. Too stupid.

NOTE : Girl, take care of yourself. It’s not easy to handle a guy. Guys can make us suffer enough when we truly in love to him. But, do not do anything that they requested. It’s just making you really a thing to them. Understand me? It's true story maaaaa =___=

Just a story, no bad comment okay? Or else, I will not publish it. Wuuu >.<

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